CFEE (Ethiopie)
TERRAIN/FIELDWORK Church worksites in Eastern Tigray (Middle Ages-21st century). Te...
16 Juin 2020
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Illustration 1: An informal market on Ngara Main Road, with Nairobi CBD in the bac...
21 Mai 2020
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Dennis Ochieng Otieno, “Living By the Rhythm of Pan African Paper Mills: The Rise a...
28 Février 2020
IFAS (Afrique du Sud)
"No city has a music scene like Luanda, where rappers risk jail to rhyme against th...
19 Février 2020
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
research networks
IFRA-Nigeria has built a network of over 300 junior research fellows, being young r...
18 Février 2020
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
This article analyses Shakespeare and Molière's enduring appeal in various African...
03 Janvier 2020
CFEE (Ethiopie)
List of the recipients of the CFEE 2020 Field Grants / Liste des lauréats des bours...
21 Novembre 2019
CFEE (Ethiopie)
Archaeology and stable isotopes: studying the diet, the climate, and the environmen...
20 Novembre 2019
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Aline C. RABELO, “‘Haki hupewi. Haki udai.’ [Right is not granted; you have to cla...
06 Novembre 2019
CFEE (Ethiopie)
PANSER. Patrimoines naturels aux Suds. Pour une histoire globale à échelle réduite...
23 Octobre 2019
CFEE (Ethiopie)
“Evolution: an international research seminar in Eastern Africa. Paleobiodiversity,...
18 Octobre 2019
CFEE (Ethiopie)
Fish population natural evolution and fishing practices in the East African Rift Va...
08 Octobre 2019
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Ugandan Refugee
The escalation of violence in South Sudan sparked a refugee crisis in the north of...
23 Juillet 2019
CEDEJ (Egypte, Soudan)
Recording testimonies since December 2018 Statement of Purpose As regards the event...
17 Juillet 2019
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Nyakongo bodaboda riders. Photo : Author. Mary Achieng’ OBUDHO, “A Postmodern Read...
10 Juillet 2019
IRMC (Tunisie)
Photographie de l’auteure Although protests are relatively rare in authoritarian r...
18 Juin 2019
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o in March 2017, at the 17th Zócalo International Book Fair (Mexic...
27 Mai 2019
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
Mnemonic devices have remained integral to human learning processes through history...
06 Mai 2019