CMB (Allemagne)
Our paper contributes to the analysis of the transformation of middle classes in Eu...
09 Décembre 2020
CEFRES (Višegrad)
This paper analyses the genesis, emergence and recent evolution of the social world...
19 Octobre 2020
CEFRES (Višegrad)
International Seminar/Webinar, Prague, 16th of SeptemberA report by Gabrielle Franc...
14 Octobre 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
gender studies
Gender representation in mass media has long been studied by qualitatively analyzin...
23 Septembre 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
his book explains how transnational policy entrepreneurs have contributed to the tr...
20 Juillet 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
Leyla Dakhli. Between Local Power and Global Politics: Playing with Languages in th...
10 Juin 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
Water Policy
  Bringing together the analysis of a diverse team of social scientists, this book...
21 Mars 2020
IFRA/SHS (Allemagne)
  L’histoire globale a redonné des couleurs aux grands récits totalisants. Cette so...
04 Février 2020
CEFRES (Višegrad)
Sustainable development
This chapter focuses on the potential assets of a typical marginal rural area (the...
19 Novembre 2019
CMB (Allemagne)
American Pragmatism
The aim of this book is to provide a fresh, wider, and more compelling account of d...
10 Octobre 2019
CEFRES (Višegrad)
Lecture by Paul. G Keil (Institute of Ethnology/CEFRES) On the 3rd of June, Paul G....
15 Juillet 2019
CMB (Allemagne)
10 Juillet 2019
CFEE (Ethiopie)
SLAFNET Summer School 15-18 April 2019 Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa...
07 Décembre 2018
CEDEJ (Egypte, Soudan)
call for applications
    The purpose of the “Connect Talent” call for applications is to provide suppor...
05 Août 2018
CMB (Allemagne)
By Antoine Mazieres, CMB - Centre Marc Bloch 3rd GESIS Computational Social Science...
27 Avril 2018
CEFRES (Višegrad)
International relations
Conference report: ISA 2018 (International Studies Association 59th Annual Conventi...
30 Avril 2018
CMB (Allemagne)
By Antoine Mazieres (CMB; LISIS), Camille Roth (CMB; Medialab) in Bulletin de Métho...
24 Avril 2018
CEFRES (Višegrad)
Polish Diaspora in France 1918-2018. State of the Art and New Perspectives (Warsaw,...
09 Mars 2018