IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
call for application
The emergence of Covid-19 late 2019, and its subsequent spread all over the globe, ha...
05 Mai 2020
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
call for application
Call for application Subject: Languages of the Benue Valley Nigeria, Linguistic docum...
24 Avril 2020
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
aide à la mobilité internationale
Date limite de candidature : 16 mars 2020 La Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme...
07 Janvier 2020
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
This year again, IFRA-Nigeria is the official Nigerian partner of the Mastercard Foun...
15 Octobre 2019
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
call for papers
Call for papers: How to document and study violent phenomena in Africa? The journal:...
10 Septembre 2019
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
call for application
FRA-Nigeria is partnering the organisation of the 18th Mega Tchad Symposium that will...
09 Avril 2019
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
L’IFRA-Nigeria recrute pour septembre 2019 un(e) nouveau/elle chercheur(e) contractue...
03 Août 2018
CEDEJ (Egypte, Soudan)
Insecurities in the Lake Chad basin 17th Mega-Chad colloquium -In Nice (France), on J...
13 Décembre 2016
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
​​Le directeur scientifique de l'IFRA-Nigéria est en poste à l'IFRA, au sein de l'Uni...
24 Août 2015
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
IFRA-Nigeria is offering a full-time position to a Junior Researcher/Information Retr...
11 Février 2015
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
Trans-Islam is a two-year research project that analyses the religious flows and the...
18 Avril 2014
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
base de données
As part of the Nigeria Watch project, the French Institute for Research in Africa (I...
21 Mars 2014
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
post colonialisme
We are pleased to announce a research training and proposal development seminar on t...
25 Avril 2013
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
Membership is free. Application submitted will be reviewed by peers. Senior as well...
15 Avril 2013
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
Presentation In the framework of her new partnership with the Nigeria Stability and R...
04 Mars 2013
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
Call for field research proposals : XenAfPol Research Project The Institute of Politi...
09 Novembre 2012
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
Boko Haram
A book project to be published by IFRA-Nigeria and ASC-Leiden in the West African Po...
07 Juin 2012
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
Medical research, development, and memory in colonial and postcolonial Nigeria We ar...
25 Mai 2012