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Our paper contributes to the analysis of the transformation of middle classes in Euro...
09 Décembre 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
gender studies
Gender representation in mass media has long been studied by qualitatively analyzing...
23 Septembre 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
his book explains how transnational policy entrepreneurs have contributed to the tran...
20 Juillet 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
Leyla Dakhli. Between Local Power and Global Politics: Playing with Languages in the...
10 Juin 2020
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Water Policy
  Bringing together the analysis of a diverse team of social scientists, this book pr...
21 Mars 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
Dans ce travail nous proposons d’analyser certains aspects permettant un rapprochemen...
21 Février 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
American Pragmatism
The aim of this book is to provide a fresh, wider, and more compelling account of dem...
10 Octobre 2019
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10 Juillet 2019
CMB (Allemagne)
By Antoine Mazieres, CMB - Centre Marc Bloch 3rd GESIS Computational Social Science W...
02 Mai 2018
CMB (Allemagne)
By Antoine Mazieres (CMB; LISIS), Camille Roth (CMB; Medialab) in Bulletin de Méthodo...
24 Avril 2018
CMB (Allemagne)
Naomi Truan Anna Ewa Wieczorek. (2013) Clusivity: A New Approach to Association and D...
13 Mars 2018
CMB (Allemagne)
Par Naomi Truan (CMB, UP4, Freie Universität Berlin) dans la Revue de Sémantique et P...
23 Février 2018
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Police Auxiliaries
Par Jacques De Maillard, Carole Gayet-Viaud et Fabien Jobard dans Penal Issues, 2017....
22 Février 2018
CMB (Allemagne)
Enhancing Usability for Automatically Structuring Digitised Dictionaries by Mohamed K...
13 Février 2018
CMB (Allemagne)
Faraway, So Close: Skepticism, subjective Idealism and the Problem of Shine in Hegel'...
22 Novembre 2017
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Social mix
Social mix revisited: within- and across-neighborhood ties between ethnic minorities...
20 Novembre 2017
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social diversity
Are Immigrants Really Lacking Social Networking Skills? The Crucial Role of Reciproci...
09 Novembre 2017
CMB (Allemagne)
Healthcare Reforms and the Creation of Ex-/Included Categories of Patients - “Irregul...
27 Octobre 2017