IFEA - Istanbul (Turquie)
Salih Bıçakçı, "Turkey and Iran: Cooperation on entangled interests," in Observatoire...
14 Avril 2021
CEFC (Chine)
This article discusses the epistemological issues raised by the internationalisation...
30 Mars 2021
IFRA - Ibadan (Nigeria)
Edited by Dr. Elodie Apard, available for sale in hard copy in IFRA's office and soon...
22 Mars 2021
CEDEJ (Egypte, Soudan)
The CEDEJ Environment and Social Policies Seminar Series: Eco-tourism “We’re in a sit...
20 Mars 2021
CEFREPA (Péninsule arabique)
GREENPROPHET, 28/08/2020 - Revue de presse
10 Février 2021
IFPO (Proche-Orient)
We, young researchers from the academic fields of the Arab Studies, Theatre Studies...
28 Décembre 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
Our paper contributes to the analysis of the transformation of middle classes in Euro...
09 Décembre 2020
IFEA - Istanbul (Turquie)
  Pour citer cet article : Dimitrios Triantaphyllou, "The Complexity of the Greek-Tur...
30 Novembre 2020
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Police brutality
Baze in Mathare 3c. Art done by Mutua. Picture taken on 4 May 2020 by Kate Wanjiru....
23 Novembre 2020
IFEA - Istanbul (Turquie)
Pour citer cet article : Mustafa Aydın, "Distrust and Hypocrisy in Greek-Turkish Rela...
20 Novembre 2020
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Bulletin de vote montrant les candidats à la présidentielle zanzibari avec une croix...
16 Novembre 2020
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Photo : Gedion Otula. Fathima AZMIYA BADURDEEN, “Citizens’ Perception of Leadership...
20 Octobre 2020
CEFRES (Višegrad)
This paper analyses the genesis, emergence and recent evolution of the social world o...
19 Octobre 2020
CEFRES (Višegrad)
International Seminar/Webinar, Prague, 16th of SeptemberA report by Gabrielle Franck...
14 Octobre 2020
CFEE (Ethiopie)
par / by Camille Pellerin Much has been written about the ‘disruptions’ and negative...
29 Septembre 2020
CMB (Allemagne)
gender studies
Gender representation in mass media has long been studied by qualitatively analyzing...
23 Septembre 2020
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Poster campaign on Covid-19 in Nairobi, 22 May 2020. Photo: Antoine Kauffer. Antoine...
21 Septembre 2020
CRFJ (Israël)
This contributed volume explores the ways logical skills have been perceived over the...
17 Septembre 2020